Amicus Founding Beliefs

Our passion for making a difference unites us.

In 2005, the employees of Amicus crafted a belief statement that would encompass our core values and remind us of the reason we do what we do every day.

These highly valued statements outline the fundamental beliefs that are curcial to understanding the passion and commitment behind Amicus. The statements below offer a set of standards that employees are proud to stand by, showcasing our bold nature and driven personalities.

We Believe...

In the Fight to Remain at the Forefront of Therapies for Rare and Orphan Diseases

  • We seek to deliver the highest quality therapies for persons living with these diseases
  • We support the disease communities – and their families
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We encourage and embrace constant innovation
  • We have a duty to obsolete our own technologies
  • We push ideas as far and as fast as possible
  • We take smart risks
  • We work hard
  • We keep asking the tough questions
  • We will never be constrained by prior thinking
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • We think differently – very differently

We Believe...

In Our Future to Build Long-term Value for Our Stakeholders

  • We are all owners of this business
  • We are business led and science driven
  • Maximising value for our shareholders is the foundation of our future successes
  • Our medicines must be fairly priced and broadly accessible
  • We build strategic partnerships
  • We will not lie, cheat or steal
  • We take full responsibility for our actions

We Believe...

In Each Other to Foster Teamwork and Respect for Each Individual's Contribution

  • Our passion for making a difference unites us
  • Diversity of experience and thought is essential
  • We communicate openly, honestly and respectfully
  • Our families are part of the Amicus experience
  • Work-life balance keeps us healthy
  • We listen
  • We have fun